Dr. Jorge Vallmitjana
Degrees: Lawyer and Public Notary - Universidad Nacional del Litoral, Santa Fe, Argentina (1975); International Law - Oil & Gas - Calgary, Alberta, Canada - University of Calgary (1981–1982).
Professional Practice: Colegio Público de Abogados de Capital Federal. Argentina. Tomo:111 Folio: 62.
Commercial and legal consultant: to private companies and governments Mining, Energy and Oil & Gas industries (1981 - to date).
Geographical areas of Activities: Latin America.
Representative / consultant to the following companies and governments (partial list of clients 1975 – today):
  • Alberta Energy Company / ENCANA – Canadian Oil & Gas Company based in Calgary Alberta Canada. Representative and consultant for the successful acquisition of Oil & Gas assets in Latin America (exploration, exploitation and enhanced recovery fields).
  • American Electric Power (U.S.A.). Power Generation - Trade missions and market research.
  • Argen Energy Corp. (Canada) Director.
  • Banco de Italia y Río de la Plata ( Bariloche - Argentina). Legal Advisor.
  • Banco de la Nación (Bariloche - Argentina). Legal Advisor.
  • Banco de la Provincia de Río Negro (Bariloche - Argentina). Legal Advisor.
  • Banco Hipotecario Nacional (Bariloche - Argentina). Legal Advisor.
  • Bow Valley Resource Services LTD. (Canada). Consultant. Marketing drilling services.
  • Burj Petroleum Corp. (Dubai UAE) - International Energy Company. Director Latin America.
  • Council of Great Lakes Governors (USA) – Director for Argentine Office.
  • Corporación Técnica del Sur (Argentina). President. Environmental services and supply of equipment and services for the Oil & Gas and mining industries.
  • Castagnola Lopez Peña Abogados (Buenos Aires, Argentina) Law firm. Lawyer Consultant for mining and oil & gas: www.clpabogados.com.ar
  • Cinergy (U.S.A.). Power Generation Company - Trade missions – market research.
  • Colombia – Ecopetrol (National Oil Co. of Colombia) – Legal services related to legislation - association contracts.
  • Comibol – Mining Corporation of Bolivia – Supplier of equipment and services / participation on investment projects.
  • Council of Great Lakes Governors (U.S.A.). Commercial representative in Argentina.
  • Dominion Oilfield Supplies (Canada) Marketing sales representative to L. America.
  • Ecuador – CEPE / PetroEcuador (National Oil Co. of Ecuador) – Legal services related to the new Hydrocarbons Law. Consultant.
  • First International Bank of New England – Hartford Connecticut USA. Commercial representative in Argentina.
  • Gas y Petroleo del Neuquen - Legal consulting services - Going public TSX.
  • Gasoducto del Mercosur N.E. Argentina / Paraguay / Bolivia and Brazil – Pipeline Project USD 2 Billion – General Advisior and founder of the consortium formed by Alberta Energy Company, Mobil Oil, Marubeni and Petrolera San Jorge.
  • Ministry of Economic Development and Trade – Government of Alberta, Canada. Trade missions to Latin America. Oil & Gas and mining.
  • National Parks (Argentina). Legal Advisor.
  • Nilex Corporation (Calgary, Alberta, Canada). Marketing activities in Latin America.
  • Northridge International Canada Ltd. (Oil & Gas Marketing Co.). Director for international business development. Exports of Canadian oil & gas and mining equipment and services financed by EDC, Canadian Export Development Corporation.
  • Nowsco Well Services (Calgary, Alberta, Canada). Well services. Consultant in L. America.
  • PCM Construction Control Consultants Limited (Alberta, Canada) Engineering Services – Consultant for project negotiated and awarded in Peru.
  • Petrel Robertson (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) – Geological and Geophysical Services for opening markets and obtaining contracts in Latin America (Colombia, Bolivia and Argentina) and S.E. Asia (Indonesia and Malaysia).
  • Province of Buenos Aires (Argentina) Secretariat of International Relations & Cooperation Agreement of cooperation to open international markets.
  • Province of Catamarca – Legal Services performed under Consejo Federal de Inversiones (CFI), evaluation of current Mining Legislation and recommendations regarding updates on environmental, safety, royalties and attraction of investments.
  • Province of Neuquén (Argentina) – Undersecretary of Hydrocarbons, Energy and Mining. Consulting services. Evaluation of oil & gas reserves, Mangrullo field (Neuquén Basin).
  • Republic of Pakistan – Market Research. Trade mission coordination.
  • Republic of Poland – Coordination of meetings, Polish Trade Mission to Argentina; Presentation (Warsaw) of S. American business opportunities to companies and investors.
  • Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership (Canada). Trade missions. Market research.
  • Sparrow Electric – Nisku, Alberta, Canada. International marketing services in M. East (Kuwait), North Africa (Egypt), Asia (China, Indonesia, Malaysia) and Latin America (Argentina, Colombia / others).
  • Sphag Sorb (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) – Environmental products. Representative.
  • Sproule & Associates (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) – Engineering Services, Oil & Gas and mining. Marketing in Latin American countries.
  • Veritas Geophysical Ltd. (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) – Seismic services. Consultant for opening markets and establishing operations in South America.
  • Westburne Drilling (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) – Drilling Contractor. Consulting services in South America (Colombia and Bolivia).
  • YPF (former National Oil Co. of Argentina – Repsol YPF) - Contractor for the construction of a processing of crude oil plant in Lujan de Cuyo. Supply of oilfields equipment & services.
Representation of U.S.A. States - Commercial representative in Argentina (market research, organization and coordination of trade missions for US Governments and private companies, transfer of technology and investments) for the following States:
  • State of Colorado.
  • State of Connecticut.
  • State of Indiana.
  • State of Wisconsin.
  • State of New York.
  • State of Ohio.
  • State ofePennsylvania.
  • State of Vermont.
  • State of Michigan.
  • State of New Mexico.
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