With more than 30 years of operations in Latin America, a commitment to excellence in client service, transparency, accurate political, social, legal, economical and business market insight, compliance with anti-bribery and corruption laws, local languages and negotiating skills, discretion and integrity; Vallmitjana & Company Consulting Services will tailor strategic solutions to meet client needs for sustained success.

Top-notch services provided by Vallmitjana and its regional network of associates:
Identification of projects / business opportunities in Latin America.
  • Analysis of investment climate.
  • Development of a market entry strategy.
  • Identification and evaluation of partners.
  • Due diligence services.
  • Bid support services.
  • Achieving goals in commercial negotiations.
Each project that Vallmitjana undertakes will contain a clear statement of the objectives and goals to be achieved, complete with a time line for its implementation, including a precise strategy and engagement terms for accomplishing the project’s objectives and goals.

Areas of expertise:

  • Mining – Exploration and Exploitation.
  • Oil & Gas – Upstream and Downstream.
  • Energy Sector - Renewable Energy.
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